There's more new stuff on the MP3 page. Lots of songs and pieces i made for Film & Radioplays. More still coming up.

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The CD with Kawabata will come out before the summer. Working on it now. (rather; waiting until everything -like the design, the mastering and the printing- is ready)

TOUR coming up with Felix Kubin and Coolhaven. (may).

A new live-radioplay by Coolhaven will happen soon! (Veenfabriek Leiden, 21 april)

A Radioplay i directed & made the sound design for (text by Bart Plantenga & Black Sifichi) will be broadcasted by the VPRO on saturday the 14th of april, around midnight. Radio 6.


On the 2th and 3th of july i joined in with the Dick el Demasiado-experience at the Festicumex festival in Eindhoven where we played some experimental cumbia music with a band that was formed on the spot (with ao. Peter Fengler and Colin McClure from Nl, Mario Galeano from Colombia and Axel Krygier from Argentina). It was a lot of fun. We played on Dick's old boat that was placed in front of the Modern Arts Museum.

Another museum gig in this summer; Coolhaven did a live radioplay in the 'Statue Garden' (is that an expression in english?) of museum Kröller Müller, we were invited by Doro Kroll, an artist from Nijmegen who did a performance/installation during our sets. Good crowds and they seemed interested as well.

New releases!! My solo CD 'Stots' will be out in september. This is the bullshit i wrote for making it sell millions and millions of copies;

artist; Lukas Simonis
cd; Stots
label; Z6 (NL)
distributor; Korm Plastics

Lukas Simonis; guitarist, composer, lives in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and co-founded and works for WORM (a centre for experimental arts). For most of his musical career, he has played in bands and projects that seldom managed to play 'straight' music, despite moving within the field of 'rock' (e.g. Dull Schicksal, Trespassers W, Morzelpronk, Liana Flu Winks, AA Kismet, Vril and Coolhaven).
His interests also lie in the direction of more abstract 'sound'; using electronics, improvisation, voice, field recordings and objects. He has played gigs/improvised with people like Eugene Chadbourne, Eddie Prevost, Richard Barret, Jon Rose, Anne Wellmer, Trevor Wishart, Greg Malcolm and many more, and has groups with Ann la Berge, The Bohman Brothers (Apricot My Lady) and Henk Bakker (Static Tics).

'Stots' has a bit of both worlds; the structure is like a rock album, with 16 tracks, the longest being 4 minutes.
The music is an outsider's version of electro-acoustic composition, using improvisation & field recordings as the main material to build the pieces with. The point of departure for making the whole song cycle was the conscious misunderstanding of language; coming from the idea that you can never say exactly the same thing in a different language (so 'i love you' means something else then 'je t'aime').  'Stots' and all the song titles are in a secret language as an expression for the receiver to use only their senses for perception; not the banal knowledge of dogmatic and misunderstood information.

Allthough it is sold all over the world i am still looking for more distribution. So let me know if you know something (if you know what i mean). Promotion is done by Dense in Berlin, and Korm Plastics helps with distributing it.

Other new stuff are two Coolhaven releases;

'Felix Kubin & Coolhaven'; 'Suppe für die Nacht' ( CD, Korm Plastics, 2006) and 'Strømblocque Phantasiëen' (CD,Taple Records, 2006). More about that on the Coolhaven website (not now but very soon i hope).

I will try to do some more solo gigs the coming year (to 'promote' the album of course) and am still working in the studio a lot on some projects, ao. the one with Jim Whelton and i also hope the tentavive stuff i did with Pierre Bastien earlier this year will lead to something relevant.

beginning of 2006;

- 4 Radioplays will be broadcasted on the dutch national radio,The Concertzender; on december 5, january 2, february 6 and march 6. Music by different people (Coolhaven, Felix Kubin, Pierre Bastien and the Static Tics), directed by me and produced by WORM. For more info check the 'radioplays' link. Also check WORMSTATION.

- Plans for the new year; 2 cd's by Coolhaven (one with the Hasselhof project, and one is a collaboration with Felix Kubin), a CD with Goh Lee Kwang, the first Apricot My Lady masterpiece (working title 'waveforms in limbo', is allready recorded and mixed but no decisions yet about order and which songs)and two SOLO CD's, one that is called 'collaborations' and then other one will be 'Stots', the first one not being a 'real' solo CD as i play along with people i invited in my studio (ao. Greg Malcom, Huib Emmer and Paolo Angeli), 'Stots' will be only me playing.

-(february 2006) NEW RELEASE!  The7" single 'There Is a Garden' by Felix Kubin and Coolhaven, on A-Muzik.More of this on forthcoming CD (soon out on Korm Plastics).

- (march 2006) Shortly on Lee Kwang's 'Why Not Ltd' the CDr 'collaborations' (in limited suply).

- on march the 4th GERARD VAN DONGEN died. He was a talented composer/musician/improviser/computernerd. I played with him in Dull Schicksal and afterwards on a lot of other occasions. He was a great person to work with, made some beautiful music in very different directions and he was a good person in general. I am very sad he's not there anymore and i wish his family all the best & strenght to deal with his death.