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may 2012; for more recent info check out my facebookpage HERE



august 2011; Zürich, with Jeroen Visser at Elektromagnetischer Sommer. We made a cylinderish instrument that made beautiful and horrible sounds, see it HERE

july 2011; Tour in Australia with Candlesnuffer, ao. on the LIquid Architecture Festival

and check THIS out. (live footage of Candlesnuffer & mr Simonis himself actually touching his axe!)

first half of 2011;
new cd's the last few months;
Anne LaBerge & Lukas Simonis; 'Rust Fungus' (Z6records, 2010)
Static Tics; My Favorite Tics (Z6records, 2010)
VRIL; VRILFILMS (DVD, z6records, 2011)
Peter Stampfel & The WORM All-Stars; 'A Sure Sign Of Something' (Acid Soxx, 2011)
Candlesnuffer & Lukas Simonis; Nature Stands Aside (Hellosquare/z6records, 2011)


june; The Radio WORM/Klangendum crew did a live radioplay/poetry project again, for Poetry International Rotterdam, this time with the chinese poet/soundfucker Yan Jun. The crew was; Yan Jun, Henk Bakker, Lukas Simonis, Nina Hitz, Kaoru Iwamura

a short update for the last few months (1th half of 2010);

- with the group FACES we did half of our new project 'Mumler' at the Filmmuseum Bienale in The Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, 3 days in april

july 2010

- with the WORMRADIOWORM-crew (Simonis & Bakker)we did a Radioplay for Poetry International, with the help of Ursula Andkjaer Olsen (text), Nina Hitz(cello) and Yuko Uesu(Harp)

november 2009

check HERE for my virtual expo at the soundmuseum.


JUNE 2009

There's a new VRIL cd. See ReR Megacorp Website

Well, after all this CD-releases (there's even more to come after the summer) i hope to actually play some gigs sometimes in the not-so-far-away future.

Other thing to check out; There are some blogs that carry old stuff i was involved with. Some of this is still available on CD but as i still have only a few copies left in general, i usually support this thing.
On Mutant Sounds there is the Estos Noson Pagagos project; their first and only (allthough there is a great 'lost' album) release which wasn't promoted at all. It's a strange mix with archaic beats & trance stuff, Resident's & Der Plan-like songs and even some Nurse With wound-ish collage.
Find it HERE

Another American Blog, Eclectic Grooves, posted the first CD made by my old band Dull Schicksal.

And then there's Mister French The Bartender who puts cassette stuff on his Blog -No Longer Forgotten Music-, so he ripped some Dull Schicksal stuff -which was also released on CD, but also a few things that were only released on Cassette as well.

And my old pal Pascal 'titi' Tabarnac has posted some old cassette stuff on that same weblog. Ao. my first band ever 'Chriet Titulaer & De Kunstmanen' , not mention the legendary 'Jaap de Groot Speelt De Melkboerenhondesonate'. Find it HERE and HERE.




We finished our first gigs with FACES and they went quite good! We will continue playing after the summer as keyboard player Kaoru Iwamura is having a baby -if all goes well- in april. We also decided to continue as a band and stop being a 'project'. We're working on a new theme now.

Also our first DVD is out; see HERE

More stuf fwill be out soon; the long awaited APRICOT MY LADY CD on Esc Rec.

And Perfect Vacuum on the American label Acid Soxx.


 for stuf about my Australian tour this year


The cooperation i did with Jim Whelton (the last few years) has finally found a home; it will come out on the USA label AcidSoxx, somewhere in early 2009. Name of the band will be (after a lot of thinking): PERFECT VACUUM

In november/december i organise a small 'festival' for WORM called 'Outism'. See webpage WORM for more details.

FACES, the project with (ao.) Huib Emmer will play on the State X festival in Den Haag, december 12th. Official 'Premiere' will be on the Rotterdam Film Festival, in january 2009.

Coolhaven will make a special performance for a festival organised by Berlin's AUSLAND. name of the festival; 'Sein Wort in Gottes Ohr '. Name of Coolhaven's performance will be 'ANTHONY' (about some dude in the desert that could not be seduced).

Date of performance; december 20th.


I've got a son; GIOVANNI DANIIL BERNARDUS, born on the 2th of september.

The little tube is because he was born with a slight infection, and didn't eat enough yet. But it looks like he's gonna be fine.

Other, less important news;

I've got so much material waiting to be released;

- new VRIL record (on Recommended Records )

- PERFECT VACUUM - the CD with Xentos Bentos. We finally agreed on a name for the project. We're still waiting for 1 or 2 options of labels that are intersted, if not we will release it on Z6 Records, probably end of this year.

- Apricot My Lady; the 'supergroup' which includes Anne La Berge, The Bohman Brothers and me. On Esc Rec.

- Peter Stampfel & The Flu; i finished mixing this in the summer. Now we are looking for a label. It's actually enough material for two records; a very weird one with improvs, strange stories and a few live-rcordings and a 'proper' album with songs that sound completely GREAT. The flu consists of; Nina Hitz, Alan Purves and me. Peter Stampfel consists of; himsef.

- A record with Goh Lee Kwang. Don't know if this ever gets released but it's good enough i'd say.

- On Z6 Records (probably); my duo with Anne La Berge. the mixes are finished and we're just looking for the right order and choice of songs now.

Well that's not all but i won't bore you with my other concerns. Ao.; there's unmixed stuff by Dave Brown & me, and Eugene Chadbourne & me.

At the moment we're working on the project FACES, which will probably have it's premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival. It is a live-cinema project with Joost van Veen (image) and Huib Emmer & me as composers/players. It also includes Kaoru Iwamura and Nina Hitz as 'real' musicians.

On the 6th of september i was in the VPRO Studio to make a 4 hour program for VPRO's Cafe Sonore about The Motors Of Invention Festival i organised last year in WORM . It is about self-invented musical instruments and playing them.

Check here, the whole program is online;


MAY 2008

Played & rehearsed in NY with Peter Stampfel, Nina Hitz & Alan Purves. Then we went to Rotterdam to record in Studio LGS and then we did three concerts -in Amsterdam, Tilburg and Brussels, to pay for all this fun. So the next few months i will mix a track every now and then and in the end it will be released on an american label.

Check here for a recent interview with Peter, also mentioning the project.


I am in Australia now until half of aprl. I'm doing a bit of a weblog on my website but it's in dutch. There are lots of pfoto's of kangaroos and cars and roads though, so i you want to check it anyway go HERE

MARCH 2008

Duet with Eugene Chadbourne (he plays the electric rake, i play my aquarium pump) (and a bit with Gitbas Jodel) CHECK HERE


The Z6RECORDS website is in the air. Check it out here

It means that i removed the 'SHOP' page from this website. All my cd's are for sale through Z6 now.

november 2007;

NEW CD OUT; Lukas Simonis & Takayuki Kawabata

see; here


AND (november 2007) ; i made a new shop page. lots of reviews, a few MP3's and EXPLANATIONS.

more new stuff; see pics & MP3 page.

NEW PROJECTS (just starting up);

FACES (sorry no english translations just yet)

MOOFA (until shortly, this link is only for captains of industry)


september 2007;

Played with Trespassers W a 'regular' gig for the first time in 100 years. it was fun

Played with Peter Stampfel (of Holy Modal Rounders' fame)'and the WORM-all stars' (alan purves and nina hitz and me) which was

an incredible lot of fun. There might be more to come.

Organised and played on a very nice event in Atelier Claus, Brussels.



LUKAS SIMONIS Current bands & projects;


The X Static Tics





photo; Roelof Bos






Discografie :

  • Dull Schicksal ; (selected) This Side Of Toilet Rug (1986, LP), Your Aunt In Her Cupboard (1989,LP), They Saved Hitler’s Brain (1991, CD), Neem Die Pijp Uit Je Muil Jij Hond (1992, CD), Dikke Mannen (1993, CD), Herfstblad’ren (1994, CD), Dull’s Dullest Vol.2 (1995, CD), Ambush (1997, CD).

  • Trespassers W ; (selected) Pretty Lips Are Red (1987), Dummy (1988, 2xLP), Potemkin (1989, LP), Roots & Locations (1990, LP), Kinder (mini LP, 1991), Fly Up In The Face Of Life (1996, CD), Leaping the Chasm (2000, CD), Vlucht Over Den Haag (2000, CD), The Noble Folly Of Rock'n'Roll (2006, CD)

  • Estos Noson Pagagos ; Hebban Olla Vogalas (1995, CD).

  • Ornament & Crime Arkestra ; Farbe Couleur, Colors (1995, CD).

  • Morzelpronk ; No Light, No House (1994, CD), Kl’mpenzorro (2000,CD)

  • The Rosebuds ; The Rosebud Mystery (1995, K7).

  • The Rhinestones and Kathenka ; Chelsea Girl (1998, CD)

  • AA Kismet; Where’s The rest Of Me ? (1999, CD), “what’s the use of crying when the wolves have arrived ?”(2001,CD)

  • Eugene Chadbourne and the Insect and Western Party ;Beauty and the Bloodsucker (1999, CD, Leo Records)

  • Coolhaven ; Huistuin/Tuinhuis ( 1999, 7”, Room records), Blue Moustache (CD, Z6 ,2003), Stromblocque Phantasieën (Taple Records, 2006)

  • Felix Kubin & Coolhaven; Suppe für Die Nacht (Korm Plastics, 2006)

  • Pierre Bastien & Lukas Simonis ; ( 1999, 7”, Room records), Mots D’heures Gousses : rames (CD, Inpolysons, 2002)

  • Liana Flu Winks ; Sunshine Furbal (CD, 2002), The Discombobulators (CD, 2004), Hay Test Grits (digital release, z6records, 2012)

  • VRIL; Effigies In Cork (ReR, CD, 2003), The Fatal Duckpond (ReR, CD, 2009), Vril Films, (DVD, Z6records, 2011)

  • Kodi & Pausa; ‘in one week and new toys to play’ (CD, 2004)

  • Lukas Simonis (solo); STOTS (Z6 Records, CD, 2006), Collaborations (Herbal Records, Cdr, 2006), Soothe (Z6records, 2013, digital)

  • Lukas Simonis & Takayuki Kawabata; NEWS (Z6 records, CD, october 2007)

  • Perfect Vacuum; ‘A Guide to the Music of the 21th Century’ (Acid Soxx, CD, 2009)

  • Apricot My Lady; ‘Newly Refurbished & Tussock Moth’ (Esc Rec, CD, 2009)

  • Faces; ‘Tijdlus’ (Z6records, DVD, 2009)

  • Peter Stampfel & The WORM; All-Stars 'A Sure Sign Of Something' (Acid Soxx, CD, 2011)

  • Static Tics; 'My Favorite Tics' (CD, Z6records, 2010), Rarities Vol XI (z6records, digital, 2014), Dado Doda Do Da Dos Das Doas Daos by The X Static Tics with Steve Beresford (z6records, digital, 2014).

  • Anne La Berge & Luas Simonis; 'Rust Fungus' (CD, Z6records, 2010)

  • Candlesnuffer & Lukas Simonis; 'Nature Stands Aside' (CD, Hellosquare/Z6 ,2011)

  • Zoikle; 'Illusionen' (7”, Tractor Notown 2012)

  • Dirk van Lieshout & Lukas Simonis; 'Rumoer' (12" Picture Disc, Z6records, 2013)

  • First Album by Lukas Simonis & Goh Lee Kwang (Digital release, Herbal records, 2013)

  • The Trenkel Sessions by Banabila, Meelkop, Mens, Simonis, Zuydervelt (digital release, earlabs, 2013)

  • Bull Froggiefrogfrog by Roydon Lloyd & Nau (Digital release, z6records. 2014)

  • Calvary Greetings by Stepmother (LP & CD, knockemdeadrecords, 2014/2015)

Remixen & diversen;

Catalogue nummer 5. Door Maria Barnas en Nathalie Bruys, (bijdrage voor Hoorspel op CD met boekje, 2003)

Remix voor Dick El Demasiado (radio WORM, 2004)

Remix voor Jee ‘Haw (als ‘DJ Pausa’)verzamelCD, augustus 2003

Remix voor project Grannittin; Breino (Esc Rec, CD, 2006)

Remix voor Machinefabriek (op Cd ‘kruimeldief’, 2007)

Remix voor Bagio (2007, unreleased as yet)

Remix voor Michel Banibila "Bij De labadisten' (on CD 'Gardening', Tapu Records, 2013)


- Grindpad Naar Las Palmas, cooperation with Bakker, Fengler, Doorn, 3 hours of radiojamming & an attempt to radioplaymaking, 2001, NOS.

- Strømboloque Fantasies, a musical radioplay by Peter Fengler, Hajo Doorn and Lukas Simonis, 2005, VPRO.

- Wa Da De Minse Klappe Gelak As d’Onne Basse’ by Didi de Paris & Lukas Simonis, 2005, VPRO, Radio Rijnmond.

- The Raft, 2006, a radioplay by Xentos Fray Bentos, Music by felix Kubin, produced by Lukas Simonis, 2006, VPRO.

- Poppenvlees, text; ErikWard Geerlings, music; Pierre Bastien, director and editor; Lukas Simonis, 2006, VPRO.

- Industrial Boy, text; Kenji Siratori, Recording and editing; Lukas Simonis, 2006 VPRO

- The Blind Owl Text; Sadegh Hedayat, Music,sounds; The Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2006, VPRO.

- WET DREAMS OF THE POPE by Black Sifichi and Bart Plantinga, director and editor; Lukas Simonis, 2007, VPRO.

- ‘DE TRIPLE HOND KWA VECTORENGEBRUIK’ by Coolhaven (Fengler, Doorn, Simonis), 2009, VPRO.

- 'HAND HELD' by Coolhaven (Fengler, Doorn, Simonis), 2010, Veen Fabriek

- 'This Is Not A Radioplay' By the X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2010, Radia Network.

- RUUNWOET by; Olivier Nijs, Tok Tek en The Static Tics (Henk Bakker & Lukas Simonis), 2010, VPRO.

- 'Fatalistic Flatworm' By the X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2010, Radia Network, VPRO, ORF (live version).

- I AM FLY radioplay by Xentos Fray Bentos, produced by Lukas Simonis, 2011, VPRO.

- Gardensensibilities by Ursula Andkjar Olsen & X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2010, Poetry Int, VPRO.

- NewYork revolution Plan / NewYork Counterrevolution Plan by Yan Jun & X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2011, Poetry Int, VPRO.

- Dichtersbuurt, geluidswandelingen voor Het Nieuwe Liefde Poezie Festival, teksten door (oa.) Micha Hamel, Erik Bindervoet en Sasja Janssen.

- Geheimhouding Van Het Gepasseerde by Saskia De Jong, Henk Bakker & Lukas Simonis, 2012, Poetry Int, VPRO

- 'X' by Michele Metail, X-Static Tics (Simonis & Bakker), 2013, Poetry Int, VPRO.

- 'Ethiopian Son' text by Martin Gambarotta, sound and music by X-Static Tics, 2014, Poetry Int., Concertzender.

- 'Lat Exit To Bushy Park' radiophonic documentary in six episodes, with Henk Bakker, 2013/2014, Concertzender.

- Bizarro Trilogy by Coolhaven (Fengler, Doorn, Simonis), 2011-2014, OCW

chronical contributions to; Radio WORM (2000-2012), Cafe Sonore (2005-2013) and Dr Klangendum (since summer of 2013,

Lukas Simonis short biography


Lukas Simonis has his roots as an instrumentalist and musical 'activist' in the industrial music and noise rock of the Eighties ( Throbbing Gristle, the Residents, Pere Ubu, Sonic Youth and beyond). Being a part of the Rotterdam jazzbunker scene (a collective that consisted of heavy drug induced punk rockers, freejazzers, early electronic musicians and pre-postrock combo's) he discovered the delimited world of improvisation. In the meantime & after he played in bands like Dull Schicksal, Trespassers W, Morzelpronk, AA Kismet, Liana Flu Winks, VRIL, Stepmother, Perfect Vacuum and Coolhaven. At the same time he was/is organising concerts, events and films, first at the Jazzbunker in Rotterdam later on the Dissonanten festival, the Dissidenten festival, Popifilm, Dodorama , WORM, a multimedia centre for experimental art and finally stichting KLANGENDUM since 2013.

Nowadays he collaborates with lots of people from different backgrounds. For instance; Kruk  (with Nina Hitz and Sato Endo), STEPMOTHER (with Jeroen Visser, Bill Gilonis and David Kerman), Jim Whelton (London), Ergo Phizmiz (UK), Dave Brown (Melbourne), The X Static Tics (with Henk Bakker and various others). Other people he worked with; Eugene Chadbourne (USA), Goh Lee Kwang (Kuala Lumpur), Bohman Brothers (UK), Anne La Berge (USA/NL), Faces (with Huib Emmer, NL), Peter Stampfel (USA), Eddie Prevost (UK), etc.