aa kismet




Where's The Rest Of Me?



i was riding my bike through Rotterdam
riding my bike through ‘old’ rotterdam
recalling all the places i knew

this is the street where i was born
and also the street where i was forlorn
in a squatted and painted house
in the winter of ‘81
without heating, without love
but with lots of drugs and stuff

i felt on the ice
i boiled the rice
i wrote bad poetry
and tried to be ‘free’
i stole some meat
i loved in vain
then the police came and said
‘ get out, take your stuff and go,
you have ten minutes’ (early in the morning)

and this is the flat where Marty jumped off
this is the flat where Marty jumped off
we used to go up there
to watch the traffic
smoke some dope and watch the traffic
take some mushrooms watch the traffic
listen to Joy Division on the walkman
then things got bad
and Marty ate his cigarette
it burned him out
and he never got back

this is the park where i used to run
nearby the street where we had some fun
in a big trashy house which now is gone
lived there for two years with Dean and Jan
the carbage couple
the house was
decorated, painted
nothing was wasted
we’d practice in the attic,
piss on the roof
puke on special occasions
it was a good neighbourhood
where the old slaughterhouse been knocked down
dropouts, fruitcakes, punks, old timers, drugdealers
dirty old men, squatters
any kind of nobody could be found there
in the dirty old pub at the corner

now it’s cleaned up, replaced by
bright new houses, empty spaces
with family’s and dogs

the normal folks
washing their cars



Manny was calling us wizzkids
Ozzy was tired of loom
Kathy had barks for supper
Spider was caught by doom

refr.They’re not coming for breakfast
i’m wired and tired again
just making us supper
i’m bound and i’m found again

Fuzzy got peeks for spider
Dusty made cracks with Shea
Sparky was easy rider
Robert got scrolls for tea

oh i’m northern and red
as i fall into bad data
restorers of errors
delate my messages

Kippy had corks for Rupert
Mary had flucks for Gee
Rinky made marks with Amos
Grungy bred blops at Flea.



my heart is burning
my spirit’s learning
right in my angle
no need to strangle

misfits losers drunks and junkies
aunts and assholes
(just get their arms broken)

as we gently perform
no more pain or insurance
break through historical membranes
speak through theoretical voices

pricks and assholes cunts and dickheads
dying soon

plead insane
take your train
go to places
fuck this brain
show your shame
follow fame
have your hard on
call it maim.

Cor & Bob & Eveline in Krsko


Got her license today
thought she would not make it
took lots of pills and some coffee
felt like a frozen chicken

wanted to go home
as crowds roamed the streets
had to talk for hours
could not retain the treat

got a license today
must be some kind of misschief
events happen this way
meaning what you make of it

felt like shit today
why must i be alive
found a tub today
but didn’t take a dive

drove a car
drove a car
drove a car
it’s not a matter of thrills
it’s just a question of skills
and the rest of the world missed the point again

drank lots of wine and some booze
don’t want to go anywhere
did a really excellent show
when will they understand ?

standing on the crossroads
why should i ever choose ?
lost my skin today
there’s no place left to bruise.


I like your foot
it’s soft and cruel
it throws with velver dice
i like your foot
it’s fast and paced
a spark from paradise
i like your foot
and calf and toes
the ankle and the heel
i like your foot
the skin is good
it’s better than a wheel
much better than a wheel

You Move Your Foot
It Moves Me

I like your foot
in boot or shoe
i’d like to suck or lick
i like your foot
on thin spiked heel
adjusts a little flick
i favour boots
the lace up style
they step on me with grace
i like your foot
please stand on me
i’ll be your purple haze

You move your foot it moves me

What is there looks like a special branch
do we care or are we out to lunch ?



I’m free and looking for wheels
not the usual kind
just the ones i’m looking for

i’m free and looking for spacemen
not a specific grove
but a groovy random bunch

baptize me in chains
and smother me in love

i’m free and looking for fun
not the average fun
but a head to use my comb

i could love you forever
but it would take too much time
to tell you it would slow me down
i can’t explain
so forget me

i’m free and looking for space
just a blur for myself
for my poor little frozen head

i’m free and eager for cash
just a bite from the cake
just a spark to light my moth

i’m free and looking for thrills
not the expensive ones
but a newly born horizon



Noone wants to live forever
it’s boring enough as it is
but why consider suicide
if there is so much more to learn

Noone wants to die healthy
intoxication is a way of life
complaining is for stupid people
let’s enjoy the decay

refr. Hunde ,wollt ihr ewig leben ?
Hunde, wollt ihr ewig sein ?
there is no guilt
there is no homeland
and happiness is a waste of time

dying young ? i’m a romantic coward
being fooled is not my thing
there is a chance we might still make it
but don’t hold on to what you have

there is a void
that i look for
and sometimes like
but when i’m gone
i don’t mind
going on.



Beaver diver
jungle joker
boiling coffee kill
kidney keeper
loser weeper
mighty microbe wave
kiss us and you’ll know what’s happiness

now do you know where i can touch you
now do you want a life-insurance policy ?

make up wake up
lady fake up
taxi driver’s gas
road to hostage
float on roast beef
grazy carrot juice
kiss us and you’ll know what lips are for

run for cover
eat your lover
conquer combat clench
clever boiler
fuzzy toiler
falls right off the bench
kiss us and be cheerful for a change


Who's afraid of anyone ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)
who might be our back-tan man ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)
who is sitting on my knee ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)
who might have a wounded bee ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)

questions and answers and questions and answers

Why is there a thing like me ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)
why do fishes swim in sea ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)
who's the hippest man alive ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)
who is doing all the jive ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)

questions and answers and questions and answers

Can i speak with my mouth closed ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)
does my ass look like a rose ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)
does my body tell a lie ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)

will my guy sing in the sky ?
(the back the hips the shoulders)

questions and answers and questions and answers



Runs like fading water
runs like my TV
do whatever you oughtta
don’t do it to me
let me lead a breeding life
that nails me to the floor
let me lead my daring life
in charge of the backdoor

running home
i’m allways
running home

i sit in auntie’s cupboard
watching the TV
waiting for expectations
but not for the part of me
i fade in running water
soon i shall arrive
like a taste of information fodder
also known as life

running home
i’m allways
running home

i watch these daily pleasures
trying these inhalations
like a hole trinity
i stopped to call it water
soon i will be back
with my bit of exclamation fodder
known as inner flag

running home
i’m allways
running home



Don’t confuse me with the facts
coz’ mine is the perfect world

if you love me i bet you don’t agree
that being true is untalented jealousy
just a big hole in the back of your head
might be a step towards bathing in lead
loveable things
that make places turn pink
the loveable thinks
she’s an interesting spot on the map of your heart

don’t confuse me with the facts
coz’ mine is a better world

nothing really matters as the summer ends
and dead friends meet
nothing really matters but we like to stay
on deadpan feet

love had flavours i think you must agree
your true love feels like stitches on a bended knee
cry for yourself and a shadow of doubt
why don’t you merge with the enchanting crowd
beautiful lies that make places turn pink
the beautiful lies on a general bench
in the back of your head

nothing reallu matters but we like to play
on deadpan feet
shoulders carry boulders we don’t trade our souls
but smell it’s greed



Where is the jerrycan
where is our jerrycan ?
we want our jerrycan
filled up with diesel

this is no joke
we want it now
or we will die
we’ll sit at the side of the road
and we will die




Mistaken for a rocket
got a bible in his pocket
and her ripe toes are glowing confused

left her blowing in her socket
couldn’t leave her, couldn’t lock it
but these pet hearts are bound to fuse

in a bell jar
in a new bell jar

chasing backdoor snails
mailing chastity rails
nailing cartboard wails
bedlam bail

got a railway in my twitch
said it’s pulling the switch
now the pace to keep is low pitch

in a bell jar
in a new bell jar

as the dogs are barking
and the larks are larking
let the eye-lash step out it’s home

i’m a larva lover
let’s be mean to eachother
let’s inaugurate the pleasure dome

in a bell jar
in a new bell jar



Mail is basically everything
that you send by post

like dead alligators
or broken harleys
or stuffed potatoes
in a box

there’s just one condition ;
it has to be
properly adressed

to make the mail
travel to the
mentioned adress
you by stamps
and glue them on the mail

glueing isn’t so
you just lick the back of the stamp.