Hearable & Bearable


NEW! see ; 


Performance & improv.

Duo with Candlesnuffer

Aka Dave Brown, australian guitarist. One cd, one aussie tour, but there's more material in the bin; there might be a new cd soon (2014/2015)


Members; Simonis, Doorn & Fengler. Coolhaven does a few projects every year, can be a rockconcert, a live radioplay, some kind of performance or anything else.

X Static Tics

A Duo with Henk Bakker. We're doing stuff like sound design, film music, radiofonic works, radioplays as will as live performances with improvisation and guests.


No website yet for this band but coming soon. The record will be out soon (2014/2015) on Knockemdeadrecords.  With Jeroen Visser, Bill Gilonis & David Kerman.


Dull Schicksal

My first 'real' band. It lived quite long! (1984-1997) A bit of history here (in dutch) and some links to even older stuff. Coming soon; Dull Digital!


Band with GW Sok, Nina Hitz and Cor Hoogerdijk. 1 7"


Live cinema band with ao. Huib Emmer & Joost van Veen. 


Twangy instrumental guitar music. The last tour we did was in 2011. But not unthinkable we will ride again. With Bob Drake and Chris Cutler.

Trespassers W

I played on and off in this band from the 80ties until ? Last project the band did and i was involved with; The Noble Folly Of Rock 'n Roll .

Liana Flu Winks

Existed between 2000 and 2005-ish. With Wilf Plum and Nina Hitz. We will release a 'greatest hits' album (with previously unreleased tracks as well) this year calles 'Hay Test Grits'.

AA Kismet

1999 - 2001 Made two great records. 

The Flatland Kings

A project with ao. David Dramm, Anne LaBerge, Hajo Doorn and Cor Fuhler. From the year 2000. 

Duo with Pierre Bastien

We first toured a bit with Bastien's material. We made a record in 2001 (on InPolySons) and toured a year later with the same program but extra musicians Nina Hitz and Han Buhrs. Since then we did some improv gigs and a bit of film music but no new bigger stuff in the making.

Kodi and Pausa Duo

A project with Nathalie Bruys.

Instituut Voor Betaalbare Waanzin

I was one of the lunatics for a few occasions. Since then, Dick Verdult changed into Dick El Demasiado and we still have some unreleased Cumbia tracks lying around. 

Peter Stampfel & The WORM All-STARS

A great project with a great artist! Culminating in a CD on Acid Soxx and a bit of touring.


A project i did with the 'Rotterdamse Improvisatie Poel'.

Perfect Vacuum

My band with Xentos 'fray' Bentos. In 2013 we did a new project called 'Itsa Miserable Day'. More will follow.

Apricot My Lady

With Anne La Berge & The Bohman Brothers.

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