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Nowadays it's not so neccesary to have a mp3 page on a website. There's stuff like bandcamp and soundcloud where one can post his music and get a bit of money from it as well. So from now on (june 2012) ,i'll be doing that. But i just leave the stuff here on this page, for the rest check soundcloud , bandcamp and the z6records.nl website.






by Kodi and Pausa. A CD with this & other stuff is released on KORM PLASTICS in december 2004.

curly cocks
by 'Apricot My lady'

by Lukas Simonis
i made this piece for a film by André Schreuders but he never used it, later i turned it into this 'song' that is also on my new (autum 2006) album 'Stots'.


Another one from 'Stots'.

kraakgeluiden 13/10/04

A live improvisation session with Lukas Simonis, Huib Emmer, Koen Nutters, Leon Spek, Ernst van der Loo and Carlos Iturralde. It was a lot of fun! The link leads to the dendriet website, a collective of sonology weirdo's from The Hague. There's also part 2 and 3.



Supersonic Canteen

This is a song by VRIL, a trio that includes Chris Cutler, Bob Drake and Lukas Simonis.  It's twangy guitar music and we are making a new album right at this moment (it started in the summer of 07, and it will come out in the summer of 09). New band member; Pierre Omer, former Dead Brothers.

Gruesome Pillow

Another VRIL-song, also taken from the album 'Effigies in Cork' .

How I Lost My Eyeball

A song by Liana Flu Winks for the 'soundtrack without a film'-album 'The Discombobulators'.


One of the new songs by Liana Flu Winks, it's still a rather rough mix. I remember playing this song at the Stubnitz when the ship was in Kopenhagen and the audience thought this was the moment to really talk very loud -when the music's not loud, YOU can be loud, right?- well i stopped the song in the middle and told them to keep their fucking mouths shut. Did this teach them a lesson? I guess not. For a moment they looked like they saw water burning, but then they just continued their boring conversations, maybe slightly quieter.

Butcher Shop

Same batch as 'Pageturner'. As for pageturner, this song sounds like it could be a whole direction on it's own. But until now it's just one (1) song.


Round The Block

Trampoline Man


Here are four AA Kismet songs that didn't make it onto the first album 'Where's the rest of me?'. Certainly not the best ones but for sure a peculiar bunch. Two of the other songs that were not used on the album(crisis as usual and oscilloscope ) were later published on a InPolySons-Compilation called 'No More....No Mouroir'.


C&W (or E?)

by Greg Malcom, Jenny ward andLukas Simonis
Country & eastern Impro with Pacific influences


Little Mess Mohfat

One of the songs i did with Pierre Bastien for the 'Mots d'Heures: Gouses, rames'-project.


Same story.


This is actually from the live-set we did with the same project. It had, except Pierre and me, Han Buhrs on vocals and Nina Hitz on cello.



I wrote this piece for Kumi Kondo and the recording is from the first performance (june 2004). the link goes to the website of the Japanese poet 'Takayuki Kawabata' who wrote the lyrics. On the CD there is a remixed & altered version of this song but i like this live version enough; it has the right dosis neurotism & weirdness that it needs to have.


I recorded this track with Kumi Kondo and Nina Hitz on cello and Miki Segiura on vocals in my own studio. This belongs to the same project as the above -a cooperation with Takayuki Kawabata and Kumi Kondo. The CD is out now (october 2007).



This is 'soundy' thing i made with Nina Hitz for the film 'Etna' by Sander Blom & Mels van Zutphen.

Etna theme

Another thing i made with Nina Hitz for the film 'Etna' by Sander Blom & Mels van Zutphen. this is the slightly lofi 'themesong', inspired by a Sicilian Folk song.

Etna End

Same film,part of the end tune.

't Wordt Toch Niks (it's not gonna work)

I made this for a short documentary by Stella van Voorst van Beest. It's a twangy guitar tune inspired by dutch street organ music. It's not used in the film.

Intro 't Wordt Toch Niks

The intro for the same film.

Als Buurman Zingt

Another song for a Stella van Voorst van Beest-film,called 'Als Buurman Zingt'. Played and written by Liana Flu Winks (with Wilf Plum and Nina Hitz). This is another version of the songs that plays in the film but after a while I started to like this version better.

Mont Blanc - intro

A short film by Mels van Zutphen. I made the music together with Nina Hitz.

Mont Blanc - end

Same film, but the ending.


Made by Nina Hitz & me for a film by Stella van Voorst van Beest & Freek Drent called 'Flattenwijken'.

Flattenwijken outro

Same story. This is the outro. it;s quite long & a bit boring but i'm quite attached to it. Don't kill yr darlings... Love them!


I made this with hajo Doorn for a WDR (west german radio) radioplay. It is the demo of the song, the real song is sung by the actors.

Sound design 1

Finally some sound design stuff. This is for the same radioplay.

Sound design 2

More of that.




More mp3's of Vril & AA Kismet on Bob Drake's Website



There are some blogs that carry old stuff i was involved with. Some of this is still available on CD but as i still have only a few copies left in general, i usually support this thing.

On Mutant Sounds there is the Estos Noson Pagagos project; their first and only (allthough there is a great 'lost' album) release which wasn't promoted at all. It's a strange mix with archaic beats & trance stuff, Resident's & Der Plan-like songs and even some Nurse With wound-ish collage.

Find it HERE


Another American Blog, Eclectic Grooves, posted the first CD made by my old band Dull Schicksal.



And then there's Mister French The Bartender who puts cassette stuff on his Blog -No Longer Forgotten Music-, so he ripped some Dull Schicksal stuff -which was also released on CD, but also a few things that were only released on Cassette as well.


(as the original server was on megaupload, the files may be down, ask the webmaster to put them up again if you want to listen)

(september 2009) Los Siquicos Litoralenos & Static Tics in Studio L6S. Some slightly rough mixes. 1. 2. 3.